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By Donna Iverson

I praise the Lord for giving me a New Life in Him!

All my life I did things my way and was right at the doorway to Hell, when the light pf Jesus shone through, and I saw very clearly where I was. The Lord then sent some very young and spirit-filled Christians who took me by the hand, and led me to Him! A couple of times I had thought that "I'm alright now, Lord. I can take it from here." He gently reminds me of how poorly I had already done on my own, and I get back on His path again. "PRAISE GOD", for He knows better that I. I've done all the stumbling around in the dark that I care to do. I need only to walk in His light towards Him, and alls is well!

He has given me love, so I can love also. He has shown me such forgiveness, so I can also forgive. He has given me hope, that I may give other hope in His Name. Most of all, He has given me Himself, and what greater gift can He bestow on anyone?

My life was very sinful and meaningless before I was led to Jesus. Even though I had very good and wise parents, I choose to disregard the authority God gave them over me. By choosing to "do my own thing", my life became one of sin, alcoholism, and my language caused even the worst to blush. I went through at least four suicide attempts and was filled with much pain and bitterness. The first step in my healing that Jesus took was to remove all desire for alcohol; it is completely gone! My husband was in chemical dependency treatment at this time and also is an entirely different man now! Then, our Lord took a marriage that seemed doomed from the start and turned it into one of His greatest blessings to me! It is now what it should have been and only could be with Jesus! He has shown me a new and wonderful love for my husband and children, and blessed us all more than I could ever hope to get on paper, short of writing a book.

Through the prayers of friends, He has healed me of asthma; cancer cells were replaced with normal cells, and many inner healings are still in process. I am over whelmed with His great love and power that is there for each and everyone of us. He has my complete trust in everything that is, and that is to come. He is my Lord and Savior, and I love Him dearly.

"This is the beginning of my life story, for Jesus is my beginning!"

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