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By Fran Belair


When our family returned from a trip in the fall, and as we were entering the house, the phone was ringing. It was my nephew. Over 30 years ago, his mother died giving birth to him. I went out to his dad's farm (my brother), and stayed with them for 9 years. How I later met my husband and left the farm is another of the Lord's miracles.

My nephew's call was shocking! He had been alone for three weeks with two small boys. His wife had left, and he didn't know where she was. He asked me to pray for him. How I wished at that moment that I had someone to pray with. I had just finished reading a book by Agnes Sanford about how she had helped people to pray. How I wished we Catholics could pray together like that!

A short time later, the Lord led me to notice in our church calendar, that there was a prayer meeting at our church every Thursday evening. They had been there for over six months, and I had never noticed it before. I investigated, hoping to find some help in prayer, and I wasn't disappointed; I was overwhelmed !

The next day was such a consolation to be able to tell my nephew that a whole prayer group had prayed for him. I later went to a "Life In The Spirit Seminar", and now I am a regular member of the People Of Joy Charismatic Prayer Group!

The Lord Jesus is continually working in my life, and also in my nephew's life. Although they are now divorced, I know that the Lord will work all things for good. I thank all who helped me in the seminars, and who have given me rides home. May the blessings of the Lord be with all of you! I now know Jesus, and I have begun to pray like those in the book I read.


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