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I Believe In Jesus         By Betty Newgord

Even though I was raised in the Catholic tradition, I didn't know who Jesus was! Before I came to know Jesus as my Savior, my whole life was a mess; although, I wasn't aware of it. At 27 years old, I thought I had it all together, or so I thought! Old slue foot (Satan) had really worked hard on me at every weak point and didn't like me thinking about Jesus. He had me dabbling in the occult to some degree. I studied astrology and even believed in it and everything it offered. I believed I could find the life I longed for through this religion. But I found often it failed me and left me empty and alone. There was no salvation or eternal life there.

It was then that I turned to drugs, which only led me to financial destruction and also alienation of my family and former friends. They didn't understand me, and I didn't need them. When I became pregnant, the Lord gave me a way out; I now had a reason to live, and I stopped the use of drugs after two years. I took all my occult books and put them out of reach. I began to pray; but only when I was scared or lonely. I did manage to get to confession before the baby was born. I had major surgery the week before she was to be born. I really turned to God in that hospital, because neither of us had much chance of survival. God answered my prayers, but as usual, I forgot Him again. How patient is God with the many times I fought Him and everything about Him?

My sister was after me to go to a prayer meeting with her, but I never had the time. Finally, I went to a Life In The Spirit Seminar, and my life began to change. At first I wasn't sure about this new life, because of my relationship in the occult. I just recently went through another Seminar, and I know that God loves me, and I don't have to worry, because He provided when we have nothing!

Because Jesus is first in my life, He has made me a better person and Catholic. He guides me wherever I need to go. He has given me a beautiful sister in the Lord as a roommate. He has renewed my life, and has deepened my faith. I am regularly attending prayer meetings, and He has given me new friends. He continues to bless me in many situations, and I praise and thank Him. Where ever He leads, I'll follow! Jesus is my Lord and Savior!



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