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By Therese Midderigh

I was born on a farm about 90 miles from Kansas City, MO. in 1909. I was baptized as a Roman Catholic, and we always went to church every Sunday as a family. I lived with my family until I was married in 1930. Sometime later, my husband and I moved to Minneapolis, MN. to raise our children. My husband died in 1978, but during the last 45 years, we were blessed with a beautiful family;3 daughters, 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

One day I got a call from my grandson Mark. He asked, "Grandma, do you want to go to church with me tonight?" I told him that our church didn't have any church services on Thursday nights during Lent. He told me he had been going to the People of Joy Prayer Meetings at an Episcopal Church. He also mentioned my other grandson, Bruce, and his wife had been going to the prayer meetings. When I said "Yes", he came to pick me up at 7:30 PM.

When we arrived at the church, the people were singing, clapping their hands, and at one point, they even hugged one another. AS they sang and worshipped the Lord, I felt the presence of God fill the room. After the meeting, Mark introduced me around, and I felt welcomed by all. I continued to attend the prayer meetings, and a few weeks later, I signed up for the Life In The Spirit Seminars, that they were offering. For the first time in my life, I began to read the Bible daily, and it was beginning to have meaning for me. The more I read the Bible, the more I wanted to know about God! That Spring, I asked Jesus into my life and was baptized in the Holy Spirit!

Before I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, my life was that of a griping, complaining person. Now, He is changing my attitudes and lifestyle. He has given me a New Life! One of the songs we sing at the prayer meeting is called "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus". Each verse ends with the words, "no turning back". Since I made the decision to follow Jesus, there is no turning back, to my old ways, for me. Each morning when I awake, I thank Jesus for the new day He has for me, and I ask Him to guide me throughout the day. I look forward to each new day the Lord has for me!



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