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JESUS CHANGED ME       By Sandy Eickhoff

God has always been an important part of my life ever since I was a little girl. My parents raised me in a good Roman Catholic tradition. As a teenager, I knew that God always answered prayers, even those that seemed quite impossible at the time. God continued to answer my prayer as I matured to adulthood, when Dick and I were married, and a year later, we were blessed with twin girls. During the next year, we found the girls were handicapped with cerebral palsy. I remember asking God, "I could understand how one could be handicapped, but never two. Why God; and why me?" This was the beginning of my bitterness toward God, even though Dick and I went to church regularly. I firmly believed that marriage meant family. So against the advise of some well meaning friends, the Lord blessed us with three more children!

We raised our children in the tradition and values we knew; Catholic schools, Sacraments of the Church at the proper times; church every Sunday; prayers, et6c. As they grew to teenagers and became more independent, I became more worried and concerned that they would lose the values of the Ten Commandments. Even though I felt we were a good Catholic family, something was missing in my life. I continued searching for the missing link to fill the void. Then up popped this Bible Study Seminar for women. Some of the questions it asked, "was if I knew Jesus personally?" "Or id I had made a real commitment to Him?" My answers were "NO." I knew that Jesus lived, died, rose and went to Heaven; but I never realized a one-to-one personal relationship with Jesus!

One day, I made that commitment and asked forgiveness for all my sins. I asked Jesus to be the center of my life and renew me in His Holy Spirit.  I believe the Lord was always watching over me and continued knocking on the door of my life. Once I opened the door, He baptized me in His Holy Spirit and gave me New Life!

Before accepting Jesus as my personal Savior, my lifestyle was that of a griping, complaining, unhappy, depressed person. Now, day by day, Jesus is changing all that. He is replacing all the bitterness and resentment with love and joy! I have a renewed hunger to know more about God through the Bible. Bible verses now have come to life, with meaning. Each day, Jesus reveals something I can share with others. He has renewed my love for my husband, my children and myself. One verse that God has reminded me of is this, "Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of My mouth!" (Revelation 3:16)  When we walk with Jesus, we are walking forward. Not to go forward with Jesus is to walk backwards. God did not intend for us to stand still in our spiritual life! What Jesus is doing in my life, I know He can do the same and more for others!


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