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On November 4, 1986, I went into a coma, and for six weeks I was unconscious. When I came out of it, I was told that my right arm wouldn't work for about a year. They also said that I wouldn't be able to walk without a cane for about six months, and that I wouldn't be able to talk for about a couple of months. But then, by the miracle of God, I was completely healed - - - 100%! PRAISE GOD!

Jesus healed me; I'm not sure why! I don't deserve it, but my love for the Lord and people has increased immensely since. Prior to slipping into the coma, I was sick, but too busy to realize just how sick I was. I have 5 children with the oldest being 5 years old. I do some babysitting at all hours of the day and night, plus lots of volunteer work. (now-a days it's almost impossible to get volunteers, so all the work seems to rest on 1 or 2 people.) Needless to say, I had very little time for myself.

My problem began as I went from having a simple earache to being in a coma in just a few days. While I was in the hospital, they did several tests, but couldn't find out what was wrong with me. They called for my parish priest, because they felt that I wouldn't make it through the coma. But when the people started praying for me, things began to change. My prayer group, the People of Joy, and my church, St. Albert The Great, got out the word to petition God for a miracle, and soon hundreds of people were praying for God to heal me. How could God refuse? He honored their prayers, especially those who believe God still performs miracles! They asked Jesus to heal me, and He did! "GLORY TO HIS NAME!"

As it ended up, I had a disease known as bacterial encephalitis; an inflammation of the brain. For a while, I was completely paralyzed on my right side. I had lost my memory and all ability to read, write, spell, distinguish shapes and understand things people were saying to me. I couldn't even do a simple big block puzzle that my 2 year old could do. It was frustrating. To make matters worse, I couldn't remember my new born baby daughter, Anna, who was 2 months old, at the time. When I did remember her, I had no idea what she looked like. It was depressing not to remember your new born baby girl. But I knew I was going to be fine, for I was trusting in Jesus to come through. When friends and medical people talked about how sick I was. it went in one ear and out the other. Jesus just held my hand and led me on the path to recovery. Every day was a 100% improvement from the day before, and it wouldn't be long before I was completely healed. I believe the medical people are still in shock at my quick recovery and healing.

Christian people are wonderful; they watched my children, gave us food, and helped us financially. Most of all, they gave us love. It seems strange to say that almost dying was a wonderful experience, but it was. It has become a terrific witness, because it taught me how to appreciate God more, and it showed me God's love for me. My doctor told me that I should have died. He said my faith had saved me, but he was wrong. It wasn't anything I did or felt for God that saved me. It was God's love for me that saved me and gave me New Life! HALLELUJAH!

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