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The Scriptures tell us that the Lord sets a father in honor over his children, and that a child who honors his father will be heard when he prays. But what happens when the father leaves the family? There are statistics that prove that almost 50% of all marriages will end in a divorce, so, many of us either have been, or will be in this situation. I read recently in a magazine article that society's view of a perfect family was a man, woman and two children (preferably one of each sex). A perfect family style included a satisfying job for the man and woman, a comfortable home, two cars, a color TV, a boat, steak at least once=a=week, and numerous other material things. Incidental matters included intelligent children, a wide circle of friends, and freedom for the man and woman to do their own thing on occasion.

A few years ago, I had all that; then divorce entered in and changed my life! Did you notice what was missing in that article's viewpoint of family life, and consequently mine? It was the WORD OF GOD! The article fit me! I had what the world considered a pretty neat life; but I was missing the most important ingredient; - - - a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! Oh, I went to church on Sundays, but I found out that wasn't near enough.

With the divorce, my world suddenly caved in. Where do I turn? Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers were all there, but they couldn't heal the hurts, the horrible pain; nor could they calm the fear of a raising a college age daughter and a 13 year old son alone. YOU LORD, HOW DO I FIND YOU IN THE WAY I NEED? He took care of that by leading me, through a friend, to a prayer group meeting. There were people from all walks of life, singing and praising Jesus with their hands uplifted. I found out that some of them had worse problems then I did; but they had found a secret. They had found Jesus!

I learned that those people had simply turned their lives over to Jesus, by an act of their own free will by faith. They had stepped out of their cocoon of human disaster and trusted Him for everything. WOW GOD! Can I do that too? Slowly and gently, He led me to forgiveness, to healing of my inner hurts, to a new kind of love that encompassed my fellow man. He has truly been faithful, always ready with His strength, His peace, His love. Because I'm human, I falter, stumble, and sometimes fall flat on my face, but He's always there to pick me up.

God sends fantastic answers to prayers, usually through extra special people. With them, He showed me a new way of life; to be more caring, more sharing, more grateful and most important, - - - more loving! He was with me through my daughter's wedding, and my son's teen years, who now walks a closer walk with Him! PRAISE GOD! God can take the broken pieces of our lives and give us an unbroken peace. Scripture tells us we are God's chosen ones; so I am in submission to the will of the Father. In this way, we are acceptable to our Lord Jesus, who we lean on to lead us, teach us, and guide us. We are admonished by God's word to cloth ourselves with the virtues of mercy, kindness, meekness, patience and forgiveness. We all know how hard this can be, especially within a family unit, but we are to bind these with love, which makes them - - - not easy, but perfect!]

I believe to keep any kind of family unit intact, God must be there in first place. Remember, He put us first when He gave us His only Son Jesus to die on the cross, so we might have eternal life. I beg you, as you read this article, DON'T leave God in church this Sunday when you leave. TAKE HIM WITH YOU. Take Him with you and together pray as a family, and then watch Him weld you together. God's presence makes all the difference.

I praise and thank God for accepting me and my family just as we are; for continually adding to our family by sending other people into our lives. I thank Him also for always being with me. I pray for you too, for a renewal in your lives and family; - - - GOD LOVES YOU!

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