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By Sister Mara, C.S.J.

That was truly a frustrating dream.

A group was gathering around waiting for a cab to take two of us to the train depot. We had different destinations. She knew where she was going, but I forgot where I was going. No one could help me. I went from one phone to another trying to call someone for help. No answer!  Finally, someone answered, but the person just held me on the line and kept talking to someone else. My frustration mounted. It was time for the cab to come., and I still didn't know where I was going.
I awoke in confusion and frustration!

As I thought about the dream, I recalled that at the last Halloween Costume Party, I dressed as an outer space character, conspicuously flashed a pocket Bible, and wore a sign that read, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND WHERE AM GOING?" since then, had the vision of my destination perhaps become blurred because I failed to study my road map sufficiently?

At a recent International Lutheran Charismatic Conference on the Holy Spirit, Rev. Bob Mumford reminded us that Jesus has given us the key of truth that will set us free (John 8:32). He exhorted us to apply the key. He challenged us to pray for a straight path and to walk on it. He asked the piercing question, "WHY SHOULD GOD GIVE US A GUIDING WORD IF WE DON'T GO WHERE HE WANTS US TO GO?" And he challenged us, "Pray for a straight path and then walk in it no matter what the cost!"

And you, my brothers and sisters, will you join me, as we strengthen and support one another in our journey to the fullness of NEW LIFE!

enlighten and strengthen me father, son and holy spirit!

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