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Receiving New Life         
By Delores Millerbernd

Some years ago, I was asked, "What really brought you to the Life In The Spirit Seminars?" I hesitated before answering that question for a couple of reasons. First, because of being the rather private person that I am in matters of politics and religion, and second, because the answer to that answer would involve another person , , , my husband. Already the Holy Spirit was at work within me, telling me to share our life in the Spirit. As a result, I share this with you.

Both my husband and I have had previous marriages in the church. His ended several years earlier than mine. At the time, I was very heartsick, distraught, broken up and didn't know where to turn. Through religious counseling, I was encouraged to do two things; first, to pursue an annulment to my marriage, due to the circumstances involved, and second, to get involved with people whom I could relate and build a friendship of sharing. Someone who perhaps would also have similar problems of some nature, to share with each other as well as being a support to each other during hard and difficult times.

Four months later, I finally took that step. I met this man who six years later would become my husband. But those six years were very stormy years for each of us. We both had problems; many of them. We were each working on our own problems, and also working on them together, by sharing, discussing and supporting each other. There were times when I wanted to say "FORGET IT", but always there was a voice in my mind saying "Do not turn back or close the door." Thank God! I pray to Jesus to help me and also prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance in my life, and in our relationship. This was the first time I ever prayed to the Holy Spirit!

As our relationship grew, we shared some pleasant times, but there seemed to be more stormy than pleasant times. We each learned, however, that our vocation was our marriage. We each pursued that vocation. However, first we both had to seek an annulment to our previous marriages, which we did and received. We were re-married in a quiet church ceremony, all made possible through prayer for guidance from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But how did this bring us to the Life In The Spirit Seminars?

From the beginning, during our stormy relationship, I noticed one specific factor in my husband's behavior. There seemed to be an outside force driving at him; at times, it seemed so scary that I didn't know how to deal with it. I was so afraid, so I began praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When I thought the time was right, I talked to him about it.; about the fact that there was something greater than himself that seemed to be bothering him in his life. To me, it seemed to be an evil spirit.

During the Christmas season, both of us were miserable, and again I prayed for guidance. During Christmas week, my husband came in contact with the People Of Joy Prayer Group through a phone call. That led us to a prayer meeting and hand were laid on my husband and prayed that the evil spirits be driven out, and that the darkness within him be filled with the light of the Holy Spirit of God. We were then told to attend the Life In The Spirit Seminars . Immediately we sort out the Seminars. When we started the Seminars, my husband's reason was to find a New Life. I went along just to support him. Now we both have a NEW LIFE in Jesus! HALLELUJAH!

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