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A New Person In Jesus         
By Leon Nadeau

I had always thought of myself as a good Christian and Catholic. I hadn't missed Mass for 40 years. and had kept the church regulations for Fridays, Holy Days and so-on. But there seemed to be something in my life that was missing.

It was in the fall of 1980 that my wife and I were planning a trip to the holy land. We signed up for a tour group that was being led by a priest from Minneapolis. A few months later, we got a call that the tour was cancelled, but there was an opening on a tour led by a priest from Massachusetts. Whoever heard of "Fall River, Massachusetts?" Being that we didn't know anyone from that area, we were undecided about making a decision. As we discussed it the next morning, it became clear that we should go, and that "it will change our whole life." WOW! What an understatement! Little did we know what God had planned for us.

 I was on "cloud 9" at that first Mass offered by Father La Chance, in the Chapel of Nativity in Bethlehem. The Liturgy of the Mass of Christmas was offered, even though it was Ash Wednesday. (This is a current Liturgy for any day of the year at our Savior's birth place.) With us, on the tour, were people from a Charismatic group from Fall River, MA. They were so loving, kind and understanding to us. The following Monday morning, I gave myself and my life to Jesus Christ and asked Him into my life forever! Jesus was the void I was missing.

Of course, Satan was also trying to get the best of me also, saying that I had a lot of things. and I shouldn't have to give them up. I said, "I don't know about "things" anymore, I belong to Jesus!" As I read Kings 18, I see that our God lives, and when I asked Him into my life, He came just as He did when Elijah asked Him to answer. Jesus burned up my old self, and He born me a new heart of flesh, with love to replace my old heart of stone, with all its hate and wrongdoing.

Our tour took us to Rome, Italy and a visit to through the Sistine Chapel. even though we did not have an audience with the Pope, I wasn't disappointed, because I had a Greater One in my heart . . . JESUS! As we went through the Chapel and seeing the great works of art by Michael Angelo, I remembered only a few. On the floor of the Cathedral in Vatican City are the measurements of the largest Catholic church building, showing how small they are in size to this large Cathedral in Rome. Since Vatican Council 2, all denominations of churches are represented by their measurements on the floor of the main aisle for all to see. The measurements of Canterbury Cathedral in Great Britain are marked and is second in size only to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

When we returned home, I was still riding high on "cloud 9". The Holy Scriptures seem to come alive each time I opened the Bible, as I had a deep hunger for God's word! As our hunger continued to grow, my wife and I were given a need for Christian fellowship; a place for somewhere to belong. We were drawn to a Day Of Charismatic Renewal sponsored by the People Of Jot Prayer Group and New Life Ministry. We also attended the "Life In The Spirit Seminars" and since have become regular participants in the weekly prayer meetings. We are growing more and more daily in the Lord Jesus "PRAISE HIS NAME!"

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