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By Mark Bjorkstrand

Several months before I started going to prayer meetings, my brother was sharing with me about a change in his life. We are roofers and work together, so I noticed the change in his life through his actions. He was always whistling and singing, even on those hot humid days. He had found a new joy and trust in Jesus Christ! The other workers would tease him about his new found Christian life, but Bruce would just shrug and take it on the chin. He kept his cool and didn't argue back. This really impressed me, so I asked him about his new life. He shared how he was going to Charismatic Prayer Meetings every week, and that his daughter was going to Sunday School at a Baptist Church. One Sunday, I went to find out more about it. It was there I first saw the "Christian Smile". During their altar call, a man asked if I believed I was going to go to Heaven. "Of course",  I replied, but couldn't say why. I was baptized and raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but was never involved, except for attending Sunday Mass. I knew something was missing in my life, so I decided going with Bruce to the People Of Joy Charismatic Prayer Meetings.

There was one part of the meeting that I didn't care for. It was when the leader asked, "What has Jesus been doing in your life this past week?" He seemed to be looking straight at me, and all I could say was "nothing". I couldn't think of one thing that Jesus was doing in my life, because I didn't know Him personally. One night the leader asked me, "would you like us to pray with you after the meeting?" "Why not", I found myself saying. The rest of the meeting I was trying to assure myself to give it a try; besides, maybe he'll forget about it, and I could quickly slip away. However, he didn't forget! One thing that impressed me about these people, was their "Christian Smile". A girl who is never without that smile asked if it was O.K. with me if Bruce could pray with us also. I said it was, and they began to pray for Jesus to enter my life and renew me in His Holy Spirit! Immediately, I was sobbing and confessing my sins to Jesus. Before long, we were all praising God. All the guilt and fear I had was replaced with God's peace and joy! I realized I was missing Jesus in my life and that night, I asked the Lord to renew my life as I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior! The Holy Spirit came into my life that night, and I have been singing His praises ever since! JESUS IS MY LORD! ALLELUIA!

"Those whom the Lord has ransomed will return and enter Zion singing, crowned with everlasting joy; they will meet with joy and gladness, sorrow and mourning will flee." (Isaiah 51:11)

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