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GOD HEALS ME         
By Wilma Smith

Ever since 1973, I had been having headaches every day and had to take so many Excedrin tablets to try to relieve the pain. Thinking I had asthma or something related to that, I went into the hospital for a week in June 1975. for tests (brain scans, etc.). The results of the teats were negative, but the headaches still persisted, so my doctor called in another specialists in other areas, (Neurologists, etc.) to see if they could determine the cause. They concluded that the headaches were from degeneration in the bone in the upper part of my spine and neck area, from cobalt treatments I had from cancer surgery when I was 21 years old. All the doctors could do for me was to give me tranquilizers; there just wasn't a cure. But, praise the Lord, He still is in the healing business today!


In the years that followed, I went into many healing lines, but never appeared to receive a healing. Perhaps, I was looking too hard to receive a healing and relief from the pain and not looking to the Healer, Jesus. Needless to say, I was kind of resigned to having the painful headaches. I am not of the Catholic faith; I belong to the Assemblies Of God denomination. I had read Sister Frances Clare's book , "WOW GOD", and heard that she would be speaking at the People of Joy Prayer Group, at St. Albert's Catholic Church for a Day Of Charismatic Renewal. I looked forward to seeing her. (The Day of Renewal was being sponsored by New Life Charismatic Renewal Ministry).

I did not go with healing in mind, for I didn't even know what type of ministry Sister Clare had. I had such a headache that morning, and the weather was very questionable, but something told me I must get there. I give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus for He has His time and His way of how He wants to do things. In the afternoon session, after "resting in the Spirit," I didn't have a headache! The next morning, I woke up without a headache, and I haven't had a headache during the past two years. "PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS!" He crosses ALL denominational barriers and uses vessels yielded unto Himself for His work here on earth!


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