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By Bernice Hauer

"Yahweh called me before I was born, from my mother's womb, He pronounced my name!" (Isaiah 49:1)

From as far back as I can remember, God has been a very important part of my life. He chose to put me into a family that knew and loved Him. I also knew Jesus. As a child I was taught to pray to Jesus and ask Him for things I wanted or needed. I also prayed to Him in times of trouble. I had a child-like faith when praying, especially at Christmas time, when I prayed to the Christ child. With my family, I observed all the rules and tried dutifully to obey them. I believed in the power of prayer. Many of my prayers were answered as I was growing up. I remember praying that my mother wouldn't die, at a time when she was seriously ill. God spared her life. I prayed for peace during World War 2 and that my brothers' lives would be safe; my prayers were answered.

I prayed for a Christian husband, and the answer to this prayer had probably been the greatest influence on my life, for god has used him to bring me ever closer to Jesus. Through answered prayer, God healed a daughter of a fractured skull and a son of epilepsy. Many, many more prayers have been answered. I was being called through all this to an ever deepening faith in Jesus. Faith is a beautiful and great gift from God.

My first charismatic prayer meeting convinced me I would never go to another. It also left me with a restlessness of knowing that there was more; something I was missing. Several years later, I went back, but not too anxious to go back, but I did because of the urging and leading of my Christian husband to continue seeki9ng. Slowly, surely, God kept calling

"What I fed you with was milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it, and indeed you are still not ready for it" (Ist Corinthians 3:2)

We started a Bible sharing group and went to numerous Charismatic conferences, Faith Rallies, Jesus Weekends. Yet God kept on calling me. I went to a "Life In The Spirit Seminar"  which I had wanted to make earlier, but didn't. I thought, finally, I have the Holy Spirit, I know Jesus; my brother, my Savior, my best fried. Yet, I need more. God kept on calling me. He gives me a greater longing for Him now, than ever before. I have found out the importance of Christian community and fellowship. I have found out how faithful God is in keeping His promise to us.

"Seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be given unto you." (Matthew 6:33)

I pray that God will continue to call me even more urgently and that I will continue to seek Him more diligently, so that one day I will truly be ready to be fed the solid food. "Thank you Yahweh, for having called me by name!"

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