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JESUS IS LORD           By Charles Hauer

"If you declare with your lips, 'JESUS IS LORD'', and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved!" (Romans 10:9)

After many years of searching for the truth, it suddenly began to appear to me in the Scriptures. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of God did the Light begin to shine and change my darkness into light.

Would you believe that after the Word came alive to me, I've tried to memorize passages from the Scriptures, but this is the only one the Lords seems to allow me to remember. I've kind of adopted it as my own, and anyone who knows me hears it. They know it's my quotation. Since then, I've heard it repeated by many prominent speakers at different Charismatic events, and it always excites me that they use my favorite message from the lord. After memorizing this passage, it seems to continue to reveal itself more profoundly every time I search its meaning. It has revealed to me my means of salvation. First of all, it says, "If you declare Jesus is Lord . . " Many Christians were reluctant, and still are, to say or use the name of Jesus, simply because they are embarrassed or ashamed to declare that they are Christian. I was like that once. Jesus says that if we are ashamed of Him in this world, so shall He be ashamed of us in the next. (see Mark 8:38)

What is my obligation in all this? The Scripture says if "I believe" God raised Jesus from the dead, "I will" be saved. The word believe is mentioned many times in Scripture and it is very important. For example, In Romans 4, Abraham believed God and was accepted as righteous. Romans 4:20, "His faith did not leave him, and he did not doubt God's promise. He was absolutely sure that God would be able to do what He had promised." The words, "he was accepted as righteous" were not written for him alone, but for all of us. We will be accepted as righteous. We who believe in Him who raised Jesus from death. He was given over to death, because of our sins and was raised to life so that we are made right with God!

Ephesians 6:13 says we are to put on the whole armor of God to fight against the devil's evil tricks. The spiritual forces in the world are becoming more prevalent each day. Let us not hesitate. We must wear righteousness as our breastplate, accept salvation as our helmet, wear truth as our belt, the Good News as our shoes, faith as our shield, and use the Word of God as our sword. Only by the Grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit can we help each other in putting on the whole armor of God, to see us safely through the spiritual warfare we are engaged in. Then we can look forward to the joy of the Eternal Kingdom which Jesus has prepared for us!


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