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Jesus, A Part Of My Life         By Gail Nelson

In the World Book Dictionary, the word "testimony" is described as: 1) a statement used for evidence or proof; 2)presentation of something in testimony of respect and affection; 3) an open declaration  or profession of faith. This is my declaration of how Jesus, my Lord, is a part of my life!

My parents have always been devout Catholics, and we children always had access to release time from public school to attend Catechism and Bible study classes. We said the family rosary quite often, and I'd always have the same recited prayers to say before bedtime, but I never really had the feeling of being very close to God. My sister had the first close feeling of "love" when she was sitting in her living room, praying for our Grandpa, who had died quite a few years before. She became curious about that warm glow and started hearing about the  "Baptism Of The Holy Spirit" and "Charismatic Prayer Meetings."

She didn't waste any time, but "fell" for Jesus immediately, with the gift of tongues and all. She told all of us about it and scared a lot of us. I remember asking her if you could control "tongues" of if they'd just take you over at any time. She reassured me that it wasn't like that at all. My mother, father, some sisters-in-law, and myself went to a few instructional classes and were prayer over for the "Baptism Of The Holy Spirit". I was quite reluctant to receive the gift of "tongues". However, a year later, "it" happened. It was on a cold January night, when I was nursing my brand new baby girl, Rochelle and feeling terrible about abortions, wondering how any mother could do that and grieving for all the little innocent ones. I felt a real lump of swelling in my throat and just started praying in tongues! The Lord gave me one word of English among the other words, and it was "baby". I was a beautiful, loving experience!

For the next few years, I kept reading the Bible and praying that my husband would also receive this "Baptism". There were highs and lows, and for about a year, I didn't go to any Bible studies or prayer meetings. But the first time I went back, my husband was with me. When I heard about the "Life In The Spirit Seminars" at the People Of Joy Prayer Meeting, I wanted so bad for my husband and myself to go together, and we did.

The Seminar evenings, especially the night of our "Baptism" have been great. I felt excited all night for what the Lord had in store for each of us. When my turn came, it felt like my heart would burst, and as we were praying, the current became so strong, my body became very weak. I couldn't remain kneeling upright. It was like laying in the arms of Jesus for a beautiful rest. I've never experienced anything like that before. "Praise my Lord and God, Jesus Christ!"

Whenever my children are ill they always ask me to pray for them to get well, and we've really found relief in the Name of Jesus. My husband and I continue to read the Scriptures together now, more often, and what a blessing to pray the protection of Jesus over him, before he goes out into the world as a policeman. It was such a blessing to go through the seminars together. I'm sure the Lord has exciting things ahead for us!



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