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By Eloise Suter


Four years ago, I was in darkness and confused. My life had no joy, that I now have today. I started my search for a new life because of the problems, pain and stress. Not knowing anything about a personal relationship with Jesus, I had no idea what it was that I was searching for, or where to go to find it. Then I met this beaming lady, who said she was a Christian, and she was the vehicle that led me to a Charismatic Prayer Meeting. It seemed I ran into her every time I needed directions.

During this time, I also had a young Greek couple living with me, and they were "born-again" Christians, and gave me a Bible. Now that I look back, I see how good the Lord was slowly surrounding me with Christians. I had been laid off from a position in wholesale furniture; a position I had hoped would be a career and job for many years.

Our son had been on drugs for many years, and I discovered my daughter was showing alcoholic tendencies, and another son was filled with hate and anger. And not to simplify this, I was into a toxic relationship with a man I had been seeing for three years. Because of all the stress I was experiencing, I went in for counseling to an Episcopal Priest, who was a "born-again" Christian; he directed me to another counselor who was also Christian. Being a slow learner and still insisting on doing things my own way, I continued on not wanting to make any real changes in my life. My theme song for many years had been "Do It My Way!" I visited many churches, prayer meetings and even started in the "Life In The Spirit Seminars" but never completed them. I've been able to see who we make so much out of our own suffering that is not always imposed on us. "Mankind heads for sin and misery as predictable as flames shoot upwards from fire."  (Job 5:7)

Then, a week before my birthday, I completed the Seminars, and asked for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and gave my life to Jesus. One week later, I was blessed with my first miracle and healing. While at a prayer meeting, as I praised God, I asked that He hold my elbow so that I could praise Him more freely. I had lived with tennis elbow for a very long time, and that evening, He took and held it for me; forever! This was the beginning of many healings that He had filled my life with in these marvelous years.

My life has been filled with fear of many kinds and the Holy Spirit has healed this area of my life also. Migraine headaches began to crop up in my life but the causes were physical. Father Mike Mc Cann, an Episcopal Charismatic Priest, called me out at a prayer meeting service saying, "There is someone here that is having headaches, I believe that are caused from a job situation." I was holding three jobs to be exact because of my insecurity and fear. I had hidden these fears so carefully that I was not even aware that they were there, but the Holy Spirit knew and dealt with me and healed me in many ways.

The Holy Spirit gave me strength to end that relationship that had been eating at my emotions for too long. He started a good work in me and my household; saving my children from their additions, hate and resentments. During these years, I've been in and out of many jobs and in each one there has been chastisement that has caused new growth in my faith and many miracles have taken place in each situation. The changes have been rapid, but Jesus knows how much we can carry , and the changes have made me stronger. I love the Lord Jesus, and the New Life He has given me and my family!

"I have learned the secret of plenty or want; for I can do everything God asks me to, with the help of Christ, who gives me the strength and power!" (Philippines 4:11)

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