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Listed below are some current and past newsletter issues of "NEW LIFE.
. Newer issues will be posted monthly or as they are released.
Be sure to return often as we update this list.
Click issue number to select the issue of your choice

NL7901 I Have Come So That They May Have Life   NL 8503 Repentance
NL7902 Your Light Must Shine Before Others   NL 8505 I Will Not Leave You Orphaned
NL7903 Commit Yourself To The Lord   NL 8506 Jesus Is Lord
NL7904 Awake O Jerusalem   NL 8509 Spiritual Boldness
NL7905 Do Not Persist In Your Unbelief   NL 8510 Witness Or Evangelist
NL7906 A Portion Of My Spirit   NL 8511 Everlasting Life
NL7909 Follow Me   NL 8512 Advent --- A New Beginning
NL8001 Lord, What Must I Do   NL 8512A The Advent Wreath
NL8002 Come To Me All Who Are Burdensome   NL 8601 Resolution You Can Keep
NL8003 What Is Your Assignment   NL 8602 Relationships
NL8004 Who Do People Say That I Am   NL 8603 Prayer Meetings -- The Heartbeat Of Renewal
NL8006 Let Your Light Shine   NL 8604 Joy
NL8007 Don't Be Discouraged   NL 8605 Born - Again
NL8009 Divine Diversity   NL 8606 Servants Of The Lord
NL8010 Parable Of The Buried Treasure and The Pearl   NL 8609 Too Busy
NL8011 Jesus Came to Serve Others   NL 8702 Hope
NL8012 Rejoice, O Highly Favored Daughter   NL 8703 The Renewal Of Your Mind
NL8101 A Variety Of Gifts   NL 8704 Applause
NL8102 Rejoice In Your Hope, Be Patient, Be Constant   NL 8705 Mothers
NL8103 The Mustard Seed   NL 8707 New Life For Struggling Prayer Groups
NL8104 My Lord and My God   NL 8708 Come, Follow Jesus
NL8105 Be Baptized With The Holy Spirit   NL 8709 A Picture Of God
NL8107 The Gift Of Prophecy   NL 8711 Wisdom From God
NL8108 Charismatic Renewal -- Today and Yesterday   NL 8801 Hearing God
NL8109 Use Me Lord   NL 8804 What's Important
N 8110 One Heart and One Mind   NL 8902 Prayer Groups - - Yesterday and Today
N 8111 Sow Sparingly --- Reap Sparingly   NL 8907  A Vision For Prayer Groups
NL8112 Love God and Your Neighbor   NL 0104 Ready or Not - - Here I Come
NL8201 Mourn & Weep, The Body Of My Son Is Broken   NL 0201 We Need Spiritual Revival
Prophecy Prophecies From Kansas City Ecumenical Conference, (1977)   NL 0212 Shout It From The Rooftops  pdf
NL8201A Unity In the Spirit   NL 0303 We Had Hope  pdf
NL8202 Called To Serve   NL 0311 Persistence  pdf
NL8203 Father I have Sinned   NL 0402 Charismatic Revival  pdf
NL8204 Forgiveness   NL 0511 Dare To Be Different  pdf
NL8206 Combined Prayer Meeting   NL 0604 Freely You Have Received -- Freely Give  pdf
NL8207 Father Make Us One   NL 0608  Life and Death; A Blessing and a Curse  pdf
NL8208 The Harvest Is Ready   NL 0701 Called To Be A Witness  pdf
NL\8209 Ignorance Or Apathy   NL 0703 Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa  pdf
NL8210 Friendship   NL 0705 Jesus --- No Other Name  pdf
NL8211 God, Money and You   NL 0707 My Sheep Know Me  pdf
NL8212 The Coming Of Jesus   NL 0709 Go Into The Byroads  pdf

A New Day Is Dawning

  NL 0711  God Loves You  pdf
NL8304 The Joy Of The Risen Lord   NL 0801 Eternity Is Forever  pdf
NL8305 Convenient Or Inconvenient   NL 0803 My Lord and My God  pdf
NL8306 Love One Another   NL 0807 The Christian Goal  pdf
NL8307 The Holy Bible   NL 0809 The Word Of God  pdf
NL8309 Celebrate You Ministry   NL 0811 The Abundant Life  pdf
NL8310 Final Day -- New Beginnings   NL 0901 The Fire of God  pdf
NL8406 Pentecost --- Charismatic Renewal   NL 0903 The Cross Of Christ  pdf
NL8408 God's Love   NL 0905 The Day Of Revival  pdf
NL8409 Life In The Spirit   NL 0907 Knocking On Heaven's Door  pdf
NL8410 Spiritual Direction   NL 0909  Where Are The Other Nine  pdf
NL8502 Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening   NL 0911  Jesus' Ministry  pdf


NL 1001 New Wave Of The Spirit  pdf      
NL 1002 Father Forgive Them  pdf      
NL 1003 Pentecost  pdf      
NL 1006 Healing Prayer  pdf      
NL 1009 Parable Of The Seed  pdf      
NL 1010 The Spirit Of The Law  pdf      
NL 1011 The Salt Of The Earth  pdf      
NL 1012 Christ The King  pdf      
NL 1101 One Body In Christ  pdf      
NL 1102 Will You Forgive Me pdf      
NL 1103 Renewal or Revival      
NL 1104 He Is Risen      
NL 1105 New Life In The Resurrection Of Jesus      
NL 1106 Tongues Of Fire      
NL 1109 Yes Lord, I Believe      
NL 1110 Transformed By God      
NL 1112 Glory To God In The Highest      
NL 1201 Christian Faith      
NL 1202 Enthusiastic Christians      
NL 1204 Go Tell Everyone      
NL 1205 After Pentecost      
NL 1207 Honor ans Praise      
NL 1209 What Must I Do      
NL 1210 Standing Firm and Steadfast      
NL 1301 God Is With Us      
NL 1302 Become More Like Jesus      
NL 1304 The Sacrificial Lamb      
NL 1401 Speak The Word      
NL 1403 I Baptize With Water      


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