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By Vince c. Dorazio

In recent issues, I have tried to probe the problems surrounding the small struggling prayer groups in the Charismatic Renewal. In doing so, I feel God has revealed that the depth of the situation is much larger and cannot be handled in any one single issue There is so much more that God wants us to know. He wants us to learn from the past and how to find some solutions to the problems we are facing today in our prayer groups.

But, before we can find a solution, we must first admit that there is a problem, and most people hate to admit that any problems exist. In the business world, those companies that never admit to the problems in their business usually find themselves out of business in a short time. A sales person is taught that they are problem solvers for those they service. Leaders of prayer groups are like sales people, working in God's company. They see a particular problem in the world, in the Church, in the prayer meeting, and they want to be of service to these people.

Jesus is the answer, and they try with all the energy they have to bring the reality and excitement of Jesus to the people. But, like some businesses, some prayer groups don't feel that a problem exists, and the soon find themselves "out-of-business!"

 A few years ago, when the problem of declining attendance in the prayer meetings first began to surface, many speakers in national conferences and prayer meetings began to address the problem and tried to find solutions. As a result, we began to speak about them in our local prayer meetings. At one particular meeting, we spoke specifically of the Charismatic Renewal - Yesterday and Today" We recorded this talk on a cassette tape and would like to send it to all of you. It is our prayer that this tape will help stimulate thought and discussion.

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Our next issue's topic will be "A Vision For Prayer Groups."

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