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NEW LIFE CHARISMATIC RENEWAL MINISTRY grew out of the PEOPLE OF JOY Catholic Charismatic weekly prayer meeting in 1977, as an outreach ministry to proclaim the good news of the Gospel that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

While we are predominantly a Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group, the weekly prayer meetings are open to all Christian denominations to join with us in praise and worship in the Holy Spirit. Our mission and goal is to carry the message of Jesus to all people, especially Catholics, that “The Reign Of God Is At Hand”

In 1979, we began publishing a monthly newsletter titled “NEW LIFE RENEWAL” with the primary purpose to be a witness and to bring awareness of God’s Holy Spirit and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Through the New Life Renewal Ministry we continue to sponsor annual conferences in the Holy Spirit and Days of Charismatic Renewal.

 As a ministry, we are in tune with our local and national priests and bishops and of being in service to the Catholic Church.


       To worship God the Father through Jesus Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit!
    To supplement our spiritual growth through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal!


      To bring awareness of who Jesus is and to proclaim His teachings!
To bring others to a personal commitment in Jesus and to live a fuller life in the Holy Spirit!
To reach out to others and be in service to the institutional church!
To grow closer together in a Christian community!


      Weekly Charismatic Prayer Meetings!
Sponsor Life In The Spirit Seminars (an introduction to personal renewal)
 Sponsor ongoing Growth Seminars!
 Sponsor Days Of Charismatic Renewal!
 Sponsor annual Holy Spirit Conferences!
 Invite various speakers (religious and lay people) to speak at Prayer Meetings and Days of Renewal and Conferences.
 Publish a monthly newsletter, New Life Renewal.

After viewing this site you find it uplifting and would like to help keep it on the internet, your contributions are very much appreciated. New Life CRM is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization.
Send your tax-deductible contribution to

NEW LIFE CRM,   6253 Penn Avenue South,  Richfield, MN. 55423

Make all checks and money orders payable to New Life CRM. Include your  Email address